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Case costing is vital to a surgery center's financial health. Learn how to get started and the benefits of maintaining this continuous process.

Tap into the greater good to develop as a team.

The operating room (OR) is a high-risk sociotechnical environment with various professionals working in close proximity, and effective team communication in the perioperative and procedural environment is the foundation of optimal patient outcomes.

In 2022, Emory University Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital faced major challenges with surgery start times, costing thousands per delay. Learn how two nurse leaders helped improve start times, boosted morale, increased patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) revolutionizes postoperative care, reducing opioid use, shortening stays, and improving outcomes. Discover how ERAS boosts recovery and cuts costs.

Demand for periop nurses is outpacing the current supply. Watch our YouTube video series with AORN President, Nakeisha Tolliver and delve into how to attract and inspire the next generation of nurses to help tackle your staffing challenges.

Post-op Pain Management: Ultrasound and multimodal approaches are helping patients recover faster with less reliance on opioids. See how these methods improve post-op pain control and are transforming postoperative care.

Periop Nurse Salary Survey: Share your insights on perioperative nurse pay. Complete the AORN Salary Survey by June 30, 2024, for a chance to win gift cards up to $500.

According to The Joint Commission, a major contributing factor leading to wrong surgeries is a lack of sufficient Time-Out procedures. National Time Out Day reminds surgical teams to reevaluate critical preop communications to prevent wrong surgeries and adverse events. Explore the latest evidence on best practices for Time Out and find resources to improve team communication in surgery.

As periop nurses, we're committed to keeping the care setting safe for patients and staff. But our work is complex, and the OR setting is dynamic. AORN brings you critical guideline updates for 2024 to help you keep patients and staff safe and injury-free. Don't miss the 2024 updates to the AORN Guideline for Safe Patient Handling and Movement.

Consumer-based ChatGPT is just one example of the versatile resources artificial intelligence can offer OR leaders today, and getting started is as simple as asking your question.

Even the most experienced infection preventionists may stumble into these common pitfalls. See how you can mitigate these risks to safeguard your patients and periop team.

New webinar: Learn how to identify a pressure injury, evidence-based skin assessment tools focused on the perioperative environment, and appropriate evidence-based prevention techniques for high-risk patients. Includes case studies are also provided to help understand the prevention tools.

Periop Talk: How good are you at advocating for yourself? A recent article indicated that, among 34% of nurses who wanted to quit their jobs, 52% said they were dissatisfied with their salary. It’s important to think about how you would negotiate a salary increase or promotion.

New Minnesota smoke evacuation law goes into effect January 1, 2025.

Time Out is the last chance for every member of the team to review patient and procedure details together and speak up with any safety concerns. The average two-minutes it takes for a fully engaged Time Out is time well spent for patient safety. Time Out Day is June 12. Discover and download Time Out Day resources and education materials from AORN.

Discover effective strategies to stop periop nurse bullying in Stephanie Landmesser's presentation at AORN Expo 2024. Learn how creating respectful, collaborative environments can enhance nurse satisfaction and patient outcomes. Access her insights and more by registering for a Virtual Pass, available through July 15. Explore how to foster a healthier, more supportive OR!

Discover the four essential leadership skills one leader is honing to nurture future leaders, enhance retention, and champion wellness.

Struggling to fill nursing positions in your ASC? You're not alone. The nurse shortage hits surgical specialties hard, especially ASCs. Jeanine Watson is Senior Manager of the Ambulatory Surgery Division at AORN. Listen in as she shares practical strategies to tackle these issues. Discover how to keep your center running smoothly and successfully recruit skilled periop nurses.

A nurse’s health can be lost in the high-stress, high-stakes pace of providing surgical care. Especially in an organization without a strong culture of safety. Use our expert tips to stay safe and healthy in your workplace.

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