Perioperative Nurse Career Pathway

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Student learning in the OR.
Prelicensure Student

Explore perioperative nursing, an exciting career choice that combines high-touch and high-tech into your practice. Learn more   

New Periop Nurse in OR
New Periop Nurse (<1 yr)

Build a solid foundation using resources that strengthen your clinical skills and improve patient outcomes. Learn more

Periop nurse learning new skills.
Emerging Periop Nurse (2 yrs)

Grow your competence by identifying knowledge gaps and pursuing new clinical skills. Learn more

Experienced Periop Nurses in OR
Experienced Periop Nurse (3 -5 yrs)

Expand your clinical expertise and demonstrate it through certification. Learn more

Educator teaching periop nurses.

Extend your love for teaching others into a vital role as an educator. Learn more

Advanced periop nurses wearing masks and scrubs.
Advanced Clinical

Shape clinical practice & amplify your passion for patient care or workplace improvement. Learn more

Periop nursing leader.

Spark collaboration & success among teams and thrive as a leader. Learn more

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