AORN's Seal of Recognition Program

Distinguish Your Education and Training Content

AORN’s Seal of Recognition program helps perioperative nurses and their colleagues select the highest quality training, education, and in-service programs that are deemed consistent with the AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

When perioperative professionals see the seal, they can be confident that AORN has reviewed the content for quality and alignment with the guidelines.

Program Benefits

Healthcare industry professionals can strategically leverage the Seal of Recognition process to aid in the development or improvement of education and training, receiving:

  • Direct feedback from AORN’s clinical and educational nurse experts to improve your education and training materials
  • AORN Seal of Recognition logo placement on approved materials to confirm their quality for perioperative users
  • Highlighted exposure at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo
  • Seal of Recognition announcement in AORN’s email newsletter and listing on a dedicated Seal of Recognition web page on the AORN website

Perioperative professionals can easily and confidently plan your next training, education or in-service program knowing the content has been reviewed and approved by AORN.

"At Virtual MGR, the AORN Seal of Recognition received by SMARTCYCLE’s introduction and presentation materials is a testament to our commitment to patient and staff safety in perioperative care. Through a turnkey digital solution for terminal cleaning, Virtual MGR transforms the process to provide visibility, compliance, and efficiency. We strive to seamlessly integrate technology and digitally transform healthcare, driving productivity-based outcomes and safety."

Tony Morocco

CEO | Virtual MGR

"C Change Surgical is proud to have earned the AORN Seal of Recognition for our CE program and support material designed to educate medical professionals about improvements in surgical slush. C Change is the only closed slush system on the market and focuses on sealed sterile security, efficient and streamlined supply, and reducing labor in the OR through automation."

Ruth Stachura, RN

Vice President Business Development | C Change Surgical

“In support of our mission to help save lives, Xanitos recognizes the critical role our environmental services team members play in creating a safe and comfortable environment. Our robust education program drives our commitment to retain and grow our team members. Xanitos is proud to partner with AORN and is honored the Skills Fair has earned its Seal of Recognition.”

Dave Crothall

Chief Executive Officer | Xanitos, Inc.

“Diversey’s mission is Caring. Protecting. Always, and we are passionate about doing all we can to have the best outcomes. We have been honored to work with AORN, to develop a program that is based upon evidence-based, best procedures and practices for environmental hygiene.”

Larinda Becker

Exec. Director of Infection Prevention | Diversey, Inc.

"The training and cleaning processes in the Ecolab OR Program have been given AORN's Seal of Recognition, providing hospital staff with the highest quality training, education, and in-service programs that are deemed consistent with the AORN Guidelines of Perioperative Practice."

Linda Homan

Senior Manager, Clinical Affairs | Ecolab

Seal of Recognition Recipient Gallery

Seal of Recognition Recipient Gallery

Mobile devices showing the flyers on the screens.

Virtual MGR's introduction presentation and flyer for the mobile application, SmartCycle, has received the AORN Seal of Recognition. These materials review how the platform can digitize environmental checklists, automate operating or procedure room cleaning assignments, and monitor between cases and terminal cleaning, while remaining consistent with AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

The SmartCycle platform validates real-time performance, generates time-based performance data, and benchmarks cleaning metrics to streamline environmental cleaning processes, while serving as digital tool for efficiency and compliance across acute care hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

C Change Surgical Seal of Recognition Materials

C Change Surgical has been awarded the AORN Seal of Recognition for its evidence-based training and educational guides on improving the delivery of sealed sterile security through expert, automated slush.

The 1 CEU program and educational materials detail the history of sterile slush and now a newer method for delivering improved sealed sterility, streamlined workflow, and automated, increased supply of slush for today’s ORs.

Xanitos Seal of Recognition Thumbnail 280x375

Xanitos’ annual employee education program, the Environmental Services Skills Fair, has earned the AORN Seal of Recognition.  Composed of topics including infection prevention, safety, waste stream, general/specialty area cleaning/disinfection and patient experience, the Xanitos Skills Fair is designed to elevate compliance and employee engagement.

Xanitos is a contracted Environmental Services provider focusing exclusively on the healthcare market in both the acute and ambulatory settings.

AORN has awarded the Seal of Recognition to Ecolab OR Program training and educational tools, including high touch objects.

The Ecolab OR Program is a set of evidence-based processes, practices and products designed to optimize environmental hygiene in the operating room for both between-case and terminal cleaning, as well as in Pre-op, PACU, and the Central Sterile Department. This program and its tools are applicable to both acute care hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Diversey's OR Environmental Hygiene Program includes training and education tools for cleaning and disinfection of procedure areas and operating rooms in both acute and ambulatory care settings. 

The Program includes evidence-based procedures and practices designed to optimize environmental hygiene in the operating room for between-case, terminal/end-of-day, and scheduled interim cleaning and disinfection that will enhance productivity and improve the quality of performance.

Terms of Use

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