National Time Out Day


Take Time to Empower Improvement

“In the high-pressure environment of the OR, taking a time out isn't a formality – it's a lifesaving pause. This National Time Out Day, let's celebrate the power of clear communication and encourage every OR team member to speak up for patient safety.” 

Sr. Director of Evidence-Based Perioperative Practice

Wrong Surgeries Up 26% in 2023

Reported wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong patient and wrong implant surgeries increased 26% in 2023, according to new numbers from The Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Data 2023 Annual Review. Leading contributors to wrong surgeries cited in the report include:

  • No or insufficient Time-Out procedures
  • Preoccupation/task fixation limiting situational awareness
  • No or inadequate shared understanding among team members

Get the latest evidence on best practices for Time Out and other team communications in surgery.

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Time Out Best Practices

Understand the 4 steps to achieve and maintain best practices in your Time Out.

AORN Time Out Resources

Speak Up, Reach Out for Safe Surgery Together

Legislators are not often familiar with what happens in an operating room. The Time Out Day observance highlights your role in patient care and commitment to patient safety as the perioperative nurse caring for your patients. AORN encourages perioperative nurses to write to your legislators about the importance of taking a time out for every patient every time. 

Want to go a step further?

Send a letter to the editor of your local paper! AORN encourages perioperative nurses to write letters to their local papers to educate readers about the importance of taking a time out for every patient every time. 

Time Out Tips

  • Schedule a lunch-and-learn with a Time Out cake for the perioperative team and your facility’s leadership. “Walk through” your Time Out processes together and ask the team to identify improvements that will reduce the risks for wrong-site, wrong-procedure, or wrong-patient surgeries.
  • Have a cupcake party to celebrate your perioperative quality outcomes and call out your Time Out champions.