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Learn the Real Risks of Surgical Smoke

Do You Know the Hidden Dangers of Surgical Smoke?

The chemical, biological, and physical components of surgical smoke pose a health risk to your exposed perioperative team and patients. Eliminating surgical smoke from your OR will improve patient and worker safety and allow you to recruit and retain top employees.

The daily impact of surgical smoke to the OR team equals that of 27-30 unfiltered cigarettes.

An estimated 500,000 health care workers are exposed to laser or electrosurgical smoke each year.

In a NIOSH survey, 49% of respondents participating in laser procedures reported never having any training on the hazards of surgical smoke.

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What Can You Do to Protect Your Staff and Patients?

The AORN Go Clear Award

When perioperative nurses are twice as likely to report respiratory issues as the general population something needs to be done. AORN partnered with Medtronic through the AORN Foundation to create the AORN Go Clear Award - A comprehensive Surgical Smoke-Free Recognition Program for facilities that want to ensure a smoke-free environment for their perioperative team and patients. The award program is structured and designed to help you attain this important professional recognition.

There are three Go Clear Award designations—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You’ll be rated on your facility's education performance, smoke evacuation compliance, and ensuring your facility has the proper operating room equipment.

Both AORN and Medtronic are committed to supporting your facility in your quest to receive the AORN Go Clear Award. We look forward to sharing the detailed steps that you’ll need to take to make it happen.

View Go Clear Award Recipients

"The Go Clear Award program is going to be a huge success; really great support information and tools. The program is extremely comprehensive. Since rolling out our pilot program, our compliance has gone up to 90%.”

Jeff Belcher RN, BSN
Director of Surgical Services, Centennial Hills Hospital
AORN Go Clear Pilot Program Participant

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Take Action and Eliminate Surgical Smoke

This program is designed for any facility that wants to improve patient and workplace safety, recruitment, retention, and be recognized for their commitment to a surgical smoke-free environment. The program will help you and your facility:

  • Attract and retain the best clinicians due to a healthier, smoke-free environment.
  • Ensure the safety of all surgical patients by protecting them from the hazards of surgical smoke.
  • Provide education for perioperative team members on the risks of surgical smoke and teach implementation methods for smoke evacuation.
  • Increase smoke evacuation compliance on all surgical smoke generating procedures.

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