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AORN Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety: Smoke Evacuation Resource Center

Go Clear Award


You're on your way to implementing a facility-wide initiative to becoming a smoke-free facility! This Surgical Smoke-Free Recognition Program is for facilities that want to protect patient and worker safety by providing a smoke-free environment wherever surgical smoke is generated.

Program Manual

The AORN Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety: Smoke Evacuation program manual will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to start your facility initiative to eliminate surgical smoke from your operating room and earn the Go Clear Award.

Recertification - Go Clear Award 

The Go Clear Award is a three-year designation. Three years after the award is received, renew your facility’s award by completing and submitting the recertification attestation. 

Evidence Table - Surgical Smoke Safety Guideline

Download the evidence table which provides detail on the evidence supporting AORN's Guidelines for Surgical Smoke Safety.

Gap Analysis Tool

The Gap Analysis Tool will measure the current percentage of surgical procedures evacuating surgical smoke, the number of smoke evacuators, and current usage of smoke evacuation soft goods. Use the results of the gap analysis to determine your need for additional equipment.

Product Evaluation of Smoke Evacuation Devices Form

Start the product evaluation process by using the Product Evaluation of Smoke Evacuation Devices Form. This is the process of selecting smoke evacuation devices which gives health care organizations a systematic way to determine and document which devices will best meet their needs.

Surgical Smoke Policy & Procedure Template

Use our template to provide guidance to perioperative personnel for creating a smoke-free environment, and to develop a Surgical Smoke Policy & Procedure, you may utilize the template provided or develop your own based on the needs of your facility.

Intraprofessional Education

The Intraprofessional Education package is the cornerstone of the program. You and your team will have access to the online pre-test, educational modules, and post-tests. Refer to your registration instructions for your username and password. To login, visit the Go Clear Education Portal.

Physicians and anesthesiologists who are 100% compliant with AORN’s Surgical Smoke Evacuation Guidelines are not required to complete the online education component. Download the Physician Compliance Form and submit the signed waivers to [email protected] at the time your facility completes the compliance auditing form.

Compliance Audit Monitoring Tool

The Facility Coordinator will conduct a three-month audit of smoke evacuation compliance wherever surgical smoke is generated in the facility using the provided C.L.E.A.R. (Check, Learn, Evaluate, Assess, and Report) auditing tool.

After the audit is complete, please follow the link within the Excel document to submit the final audit score. This will notify our staff that you are ready to be considered for the Go Clear Award.

Please be sure to save the Excel document audit form for your facility records.

Competency Verification Tool - RN

For your perioperative RNs, use the Competency Verification Tool for education and competency verification activities related to smoke evacuation. This step is optional.

Competency Verification Tool - Non-RN

For your perioperative team (non-RN), use the Competency Verification Tool for education and competency verification activities related to smoke evacuation. This step is optional.

Management of Surgical Smoke Tool Kit

Exposure to surgical smoke is hazardous to both patients and perioperative team members. Access this collection of current, evidence-based resources to help manage and eliminate surgical smoke from your OR.

Marketing Tools

Download and print the following tools to promote the program and your team’s goals to go surgical smoke-free!

AORN Support & Feedback

For questions about the AORN Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety: Smoke Evacuation program, please contact AORN at [email protected].

Complimentary Consultation

If you need additional assistance with securing leadership support, developing the business case and/or performing a gap analysis, contact Medtronic to schedule a complimentary consultation. AORN does not endorse or support any manufacturer’s product.

This evidence-based program is made possible by Medtronic through the AORN Foundation.

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