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Improve Perioperative Efficiencies and Outcomes

Improve Patient Outcomes

Improve your patient outcomes, keep costs down, and ensure your facility or health system is survey-ready. AORN’s evidence-based perioperative solutions encompass the resources and support that your facility - and entire system - can leverage to drive patient safety and improve team performance.

Enlist the AORN Facility Solutions team to help:

  • Standardize your education
  • Enhance your teams’ professional development
  • Implement AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

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Learn best practices in patient care and workplace safety with AORN’s extensive library of perioperative online education based on AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

Evidence-based recommendations to deliver safe surgical patient care and achieve workplace safety.

Premier, comprehensive clinical foundation for nurses entering perioperative practice.

Interactive courses for perioperative professionals learning specialty surgical procedures.

Advance the careers of perioperative RNs with 1+ year(s) of experience. Identify areas where they are uninformed, misinformed, or lack confidence, and remediate until mastery is achieved.

Support your perioperative team’s professional development with our online library of video-based educational modules focused on perioperative patient and staff safety.

Provide your perioperative team members new to sterile processing concepts and the department with knowledge to improve surgical outcomes, lower repair costs, and reduce risk.

Reinforce understanding of anatomical & physiological differences between children & adult patients, as well as the stages of development, to formulate an age-appropriate plan of care throughout the perioperative process.

Fire in the OR is a full VR package that includes: equipment, course access for 50 or more learners, set up, and technical support.

Demonstrate support for your team by providing them resources, clinical tools, and education benefits.

This perioperative documentation solution works with your EHR to reduce surgical risks, support efficient processes and lower costs.

Build your reputation through complimentary, team-based education programs that demonstrate your facility's commitment to the highest standards of patient and staff safety.

Hosting opportunities are available to support your periop team's professional development.

Perioperative and procedural teams who use lasers are invited to join AORN for a half-day, virtual live training to understand and implement evidence-based laser safety processes

Determine competency and identify knowledge gaps of surgical nurses, including travelers, with 2+ years of experiences in 2 hours or less.

This course is designed to provide the perioperative nurse with the knowledge, workflows, and clinical skills necessary to transition to a sterile field or scrub role.

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