AORN Member Mentor Program

Creating Connections with Purpose

AORN’s Member Mentor Program is a members-only benefit designed to initiate career-long connections to help nurture professional and personal development—and success—for every participant. Those who are new to the profession bring renewed energy to the specialty while members with rich knowledge in clinical practice and career opportunities can guide the next generation of OR nurses.

We recommend that program participants connect with only one person at a time in order to get the most out of the experience and partnership. Must be a member to participate.

Interested in Becoming a Mentor or Mentee?

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Connect With A Mentor

Connecting with a mentor in AORN’s Member Mentor Program can help you expand your knowledge in the perioperative profession, further your career, and find greater satisfaction in your work. Your mentor will be a guide for achieving whatever your career goals may be and could become a career-long friend.

  • Enhance your professional life with guidance and support from a perioperative expert
  • Improve your practice, communications, and job satisfaction
  • Receive helpful advice for navigating the OR
  • Establish a career connection to reach your professional goals

Become A Mentor

Becoming a mentor in AORN’s Member Mentor Program will be a rewarding journey that could lead to career-long, or even life-long, friendships. Sharing your expertise can help newcomers to the perioperative field flourish in their careers, and it gives you the opportunity to shape the future of this celebrated profession.

  • Advocate for the perioperative community and other AORN members by sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Pay it forward by guiding new OR nurses in their practice, professional acumen, and career paths
  • Initiate career opportunities for new nurses
  • Help other nurses get their full value from AORN Membership by aligning their goals with resources

“Being able to connect with someone who had such a wide range of experience and successes was very interesting and the resources and connections my mentor was able to provide were invaluable.”

— Previous mentee participant

“Being a mentor reminded me what it was like to be lost and defeated. Being able to share my experiences with them and provide any comfort that it will get better inspired me to try a mentorship with new grads at my hospital.”

— Previous mentee participant