Introduction to Perioperative Nursing


Introduce Students to the Surgical Suite

Affordable Evidence-Based Undergraduate Course

Introduction to Perioperative Nursing is an undergraduate course for nursing students and provides essential knowledge of pre-, intra-, and post-operative practices through the continuum of care for surgical patients.

Nursing schools can integrate the course into their curriculum as an introduction to perioperative specialty.

This course includes:

  • QSEN undergraduate competencies
  • Key infection prevention concepts
  • Guidelines on how to prevent surgical complications
  • Courses such as Surgical Attire, The Surgical Suite, Surgical Team Communication and Professionalism

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Who Should Take This Course?

Introduction to Perioperative Nursing is designed for a student at any level of their undergraduate nursing education. It also can be incorporated as a capstone project for students in the final phase of their undergraduate nursing program.

Each module is taken in sequence and includes a post-test, with a final 50-question exam at the end of the course. As an added benefit, students receive a one-year student membership to AORN, which gives them access to free education and clinical resources that can assist them in their studies, as well as opportunities to network with perioperative professionals.

Achievement Pins

Periop Pin

Administrators can order achievement pins for students after their completion of Introduction to Perioperative Nursing at a cost of $10 per pin. Please contact at [email protected] or (303)755-6304 or toll-free (800)755-2676.

Agreement Conditions



Length of License

2 years from the date of purchase (Agreement Activation Date) to assign seats. If a student does not start at least one of the modules prior to the end date of the agreement, the student will be unable to access the course and the seat will expire.

Seat Expiration

Seats are available to start for 2 years from the date the agreement is activated. Any additional seat(s) purchased within the 2-year agreement will expire, if not started, by the end of the agreement, not 2 years from the purchase of the additional seat(s).

Number of CH

Student: N/A
Administrator: 1.0

Student Term (How Long Student Has to Take Course)

6 months from the date the modules were first accessed to complete the course, including the course evaluation and final exam. The student will have the full 6 months to access the course even if it is started less than 6 months prior to the agreement expiration date.

Preceptor Term

3 months from the date of registration to complete the Preceptor Certificate Program including, the posttest and evaluation. Note: Preceptors are not granted access to the Introduction to Perioperative Nursing modules. Course Administrators are expected to provide the Preceptor Guidelines and module outlines to the Preceptor.

Administrator Term

2 years from the Agreement Activation Date to access and complete the Administrator Guide, posttest, and evaluation. Additionally, the Administrator will have access to the Introduction to Perioperative Nursing course for 2 years from the Agreement Activation Date. If an additional Administrator is activated mid-agreement, the expiration date for that Administrator is the last day of the agreement. The Administrator access time frame will align with the student access time frame if the student starts the course less than 6 months from the agreement expiration date.

Administrator Requirements

A minimum of 1 Administrator per Introduction to Perioperative Nursing agreement. The Administrator should be an experienced perioperative nurse. At least 1 Administrator must complete the Administrator Guide course, posttest, and evaluation prior to registering any students or preceptors. Individuals cannot participate in Introduction to Perioperative Nursing without an Administrator.


For a fee. Contact AORN for more information.

Number of Exam Attempts Allowed


Number of Student Modules


Does this plan include free membership?

One-year complimentary student membership awarded to Introduction to Perioperative Nursing students. Does not include local chapter membership. AORN reserves the right to terminate this offer.

How many preceptor seats are included?

1 complimentary seat for new/renewal transactions only.

How many administrator seats are included?

1 complimentary seat for new/renewal transactions only.

Clinical Requirements

AORN does not provide a clinical preceptorship or practicum in connection with Introduction to Perioperative Nursing. It is the responsibility of the Administrator to provide a preceptor and to determine the competency of students.

Prepare for the Impending Nursing Shortage

Incorporate this course into your curriculum to educate and inspire new nurses, while strategically meeting the growing need for more surgical nurses.

Perioperative nursing provides access to a variety of nursing career paths, including:

  • Staff nurse
  • OR circulator
  • Educator
  • Service line leader
  • Team leader
  • Director