Career Coaching

Is your perioperative hair on fire?
Too stressed to feel skilled?
Feeling more frazzled than refreshed?

You're not alone! As a perioperative nurse, you wear many hats – team player, emotional beacon, and the biggest hat of all: patient advocate. Even the best can get stressed.


As your perioperative partner, AORN is your guide for keeping you on track and supporting you to be your most effective, efficient best.

As an AORN member, you can now receive professional guidance, inspiration, and support to help you reach your perioperative goals: your membership now includes a complimentary 60-minute career coaching consultation from Dr. Phyllis Quinlan.*

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"Career coaching is a great way to get individualized guidance and assistance with establishing your professional goals, making career choices, creating an academic roadmap, polishing interview techniques, and becoming skilled in marketing yourself."

Dr. Phyllis Quinlan


What is Career Coaching?

Coaching supports and guides you to explore where you are now, determine where you want to be, and create a pathway to get there. The results depend on YOU – the more you are willing to work, the better results you’ll achieve in your career and life. Go from crazed to confident in no time and utilize your complimentary career coaching to help you:

  • Be more comfortable in your own skin
  • Increase focus, confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Overcome obstacles and limitations
  • Enjoy a greater sense of balance, harmony, and contentment


Phyllis Quinlan

PhD, RN, NPD-BC, and Professional Certified Coach
MFW Consultants

During Dr. Quinlan’s 30 year nursing career, she practiced in a variety of emergency services, acute care, subacute care and long term care settings. In 1994, she formed MFW Consultants To Professionals. The firm offers a variety of services, which include but are not limited to, Legal Nurse Consulting, clinical and leadership training, personal/career coaching and energetic/vibrational healing. Learn more about Phyllis and career coaching at MFW Consultants.

*Career coaching space is limited–register early. If registration is closed, please try back at the beginning of the next month. After the complimentary first 60-minute session, additional coaching with Dr. Phyllis will be at a 10% discount for an additional 60-minute session. Career coach sessions may be provided by a qualified MFW consultant if Dr. Phyllis is unavailable or already booked.