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EGuidelines Plus

A Better Way to Access the Guidelines

Introducing eGuidelines Plus (formerly Facility Reference Center). Quickly and easily search the most current evidence-based guidelines by topic, and access integrated recommendations, FAQs, and clinical tools to put the highest standards for perioperative care into practice – and improve patient safety and quality outcomes.

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Learn more about how eGuidelines Plus can help your team quickly address day-to-day clinical issues.

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AORN Syntegrity Is now integrated with eGuidelinesPlus.

Quickly access evidence-based recommendations via AORN eGuidelines Plus directly from your EHR through static hyperlinks.

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Better Support Your Team and Protect Your Patients

Your facilities or system can benefit from everything eGuidelines Plus has to offer, which includes:

  • Guidelines for Perioperative Practice—presented in three convenient views based on the level of detail you need: Full, Outline, and Quick View.
  • 200+ easy-to-search Clinical FAQs
  • In-service PowerPoint Templates
  • Illustrated, step-by-step At a Glance guides covering Anesthesia, Medication, Procedures, Positioning, and Skin Prep
  • Customizable Policy and Procedures based on the most up-to-date guidelines
  • Customizable Competency Verification Tools to keep your facility survey ready
  • Perioperative Job Descriptions
  • ASC Infection Prevention Policy and Procedure Templates

Tools for Safe Practice

Use eGuidelines Plus to answer questions and find the evidence that backs up quick decision-making and standardized practices. For example:

Group of people with arrows encircling them

A new nurse has joined the OR. The surgical team reviews the patient positioning Guideline Quick View and discusses the day’s procedures.

Clipboard icon

Your Compliance Officer is updating policies around sterile technique and downloads the Policies and Procedures template for Donning Sterile Gowns and Gloves to customize.

Briefcase icon

After surveyors noted a deficiency in reprocessing processes, your SPD manager refreshes the team using the Key Takeaways for processing flexible endoscopes.

Globe icon

You see an environmental services staffer sweeping the OR floor and pull up the Guideline on Environmental Cleaning (1.b.) and the FAQ to review the proper approach together.

Agreement Conditions

The Agreement Conditions include the overview of the roles, responsibilities, and term activation and expiration information.