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Periop Today is our bi-weekly member newsletter that delivers perioperative news, clinical recommendations, professional development opportunities, and legislative guidance. Periop Today also features AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice implementation tools, key takeaways, and a variety of perioperative resources. 

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AORN offers live and on-demand education on high-interest, clinical and leadership topics developed for perioperative nurses, leaders, and other members of the perioperative team.

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Earn your Master’s in Nursing and learn how to train a new generation of nurses, lead health care organizations, and advance into the field’s top positions with this 15-month program. (Sponsored by California State University Northridge)

Level Up Your Waste Management: help protect your staff from exposure and lost specimens with Stryker's Neptune S. (Sponsored by Stryker Surgical Technologies)

Are you a lover of all things AORN? We’re looking for volunteers to help spread the word about AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2023 and to help onsite in San Antonio from April 1-4.

The AORN Foundation earned its 2023 Platinum Seal from Candid (formerly GuideStar). This seal demonstrates our commitment to transparency so donors can confidently support our work with trust. Read about our impact in our latest annual report.

UltraSAFE, an automatic formalin dispenser, fills buckets in an enclosed and vented chamber. With UltraSAFE, you eliminate personnel exposure to toxic formalin fumes, which have been proven to be carcinogenic in humans. Let UltraSAFE do the work, and accept the risk, for you. (Sponsored by Milestone Medical)

Get a preview of a new presentation: Millennial Leadership in the OR: The Collaborative Workstyle, which will be held at the Leadership Summit at AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2023.

In this AORN webinar, you'll review key points and updates to the AORN Guideline for Hand Hygiene that are instrumental to both patient and personnel safety. This webinar reflects the newest edition of the AORN Guideline. Earn 1.0 CH.

Accreditors are making disinfection practices a priority in a post-pandemic world — so should you.

Precepting experts from Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center share lessons learned for nurses stepping into the preceptor role.

Actions should be taken to prevent waterborne pathogen dispersion during use of hand hygiene and surgical scrub sinks.

Join Stryker’s Journey to Zero For every patient in every OR, for today’s caregivers and the next generation, our goal is zero harm. (Sponsored by Stryker Surgical Technologies)

Ready to Lead the Healthcare Sector? Become a nurse educator with CSUN’s Master's in Nursing. CSUN provides premium support, flexible scheduling, and courses taught by industry experts. (Sponsored by California State University Northridge)

Join us on Saturday, Feb 11, from 10am – 12pm (MT) when the candidates for the AORN board of directors and the nominating committee, 2023-2024 term, will present their election speeches to the membership. Register to attend.

Do you have a sense of something new calling you? The resilience you built through COVID has readied you for new professional pathways to uncover with these career tips from Dr. Phyllis. And if you're an AORN member, schedule a career coaching session.

Learn three (3) key considerations when building and launching an ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

The revised Guideline for Patient Positioning now recommends the use of a briefing process. See new recommendations for 2023.

Bridging Generational Divides (Pt. 1): Listen to a conversation between AORN President Vangie Dennis and a Gen Z periop nurse about the hurdles of being the youngest member of an OR team and challenging her generation’s stereotypes. Listen to this new episode.

Incorrectly positioning a patient can result in serious injury to personnel or the patient. Ensuring you correctly position the patient every time is of the utmost importance. Since we are not positioning patients in every position, every day, it is hard to remember each of the small actions required for each position.

New to the OR? Here are 3 tips to build practice skills and capitalize on unique professional growth opportunities happening now.

The recently revised Guideline for Hand Hygiene recommends that healthy, short, natural fingernails should be maintained.

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