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Periop Today is our bi-weekly member newsletter that delivers perioperative news, clinical recommendations, professional development opportunities, and legislative guidance. Periop Today also features AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice implementation tools, key takeaways, and a variety of perioperative resources. 

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AORN offers live and on-demand education on high-interest, clinical and leadership topics developed for perioperative nurses, leaders, and other members of the perioperative team.

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Train and retain new nurses with advice from a successful preceptor/orientee team. Get practical advice from Cleveland Clinic

Nurses are complaining about a rise in incivility – here are reminders to improve your culture.

Refresh your knowledge on the safest approaches for maintaining sterile technique to reduce surgical site infection.

Perioperative nurses are astute patient advocates, and they know the importance of quality in the products and medical devices they use in patient care.

Make a fresh commitment as a team: understand the latest evidence-based practices and educational resources on RSI prevention. Learn about a new safety designation to promote your commitment to prevent RSIs.

UPDATED: Review AORN’s latest guideline revision to improve your team’s hand hygiene to improve patient and staff safety.

AORN is proud to announce that, on March 24, two more states joined the ranks of the surgical smoke-free: Arizona and Washington.

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