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Nurses are familiar with Florence Nightingale, but how many are familiar with the Black nurses who helped cure tuberculosis in New York City in the 1930s?

The type and size of suture used for a procedure are based on numerous factors, such as wound location and size, desired strength, and type of repair.

Virginia Smoke Evacuation Legislation headed to Governor Youngkin.

Self-care is an essential, but often neglected, element of the transition to perioperative practice.

In this week’s Periop Life blog, Alexander A. Hannenberg, M.D. shares guidance for leaders on creating a forum for staff to openly discuss instances of workplace incivility and effectively resolve them.

Explore the latest guideline updates on surgical attire. From what to wear in specific areas to keeping your gear clean. Discover key updates: team decisions on attire changes, lanyard use, and sanitizing personal electronics. A must-read for every surgical nurse aiming for top-notch infection prevention.

The year ahead will see nurses and healthcare leaders tackling longstanding challenges using new solutions. Sci-Fi tech like artificial intelligence (AI) and task-oriented robots will drive safe, efficient care. Data-driven planning and new models of staffing will strengthen our workforce. And we’ll see improved patient care by applying what we know about social determinants of health.

Periop Leadership Advice from AORN. 5-Step Guide to Effective Negotiations: Get better at asking for what you need for yourself, your patients, and your staff.

How are you compensated compared to your peers? Outpatient Surgery Magazine explores this topic and uncovers a variety of issues impacting leaders daily.

Join AORN as we celebrate 75 years of providing the standards of care for perioperative nurses, their patients and surgical teams. Tune into our member town hall. And attend AORN Congress in March 2024.

Master surgical site prep. AORN's new cards will guide you through each step of preop planning and safety precautions. Available only to AORN members.

Periop Leadership Advice from AORN. 5-Step Guide to Effective Negotiations: Get better at asking for what you need for yourself, your patients, and your staff.

Discover the latest guidance on designing and maintaining surgical suites. Learn about equipment layout, workflow optimization, and emergency protocols. Hear safety tips for construction or renovation projects.

UltraSAFE automatically dispenses formalin, protecting you from formalin fumes and eliminating the potential for spills. Sponsored by Milestone Medical

It is important for preceptors to develop strong communication skills that facilitate novice nurse development.

Mary Seacole is truly a role model for patient advocacy whom we can channel in our times of need.

In this week’s Periop Life entry, to Barbara Nalley, MSN, RN, NP-C, ANP-BC, CNOR, RNFA, shares tips to help nurses ensure safer surgery for patients taking cannabis.

One nurse describes how she identified bioburden on an instrument and spoke up for patient safety.

Showing your orientees how to find the answer and troubleshoot, assert themselves, and interact effectively with a team is 90% of the battle of being successful in the OR.

Working in surgery means taking 24-hour call on rotation and working sporadic hours which has been very difficult as a single parent...

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