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New Ohio surgical smoke evacuation law in effect in 2024.

Few things in the OR can drop your stomach like the words “Code Blue.” Each code blue comes with its own set of challenges. Use these tips to optimize team response when the call is made.

Learn how you can help your staff address stress and avoid burnout, what's referred to as "Second Victims" — periop professionals dealing with occupational emotional strain who may suffer in silence. Find out about an approach that focuses on peer support.

Although tight margins and staffing shortages present a rough outlook for the second half of 2023, one positive trend is the surge of Gen Z nurses. One nurse researcher shares tips to attract Gen Z nurses into your perioperative setting, while inspiring a stronger, more resilient multigenerational workforce.

The perioperative nursing shortage remains a challenge for nurse leaders, particularly because it is unlikely to end anytime soon. One possible solution: put the expertise of legacy nurses to work in solving the shortage.

Take a closer look at this crucial patient safety and potential liability issue through an outpatient lens. Discover successful strategies in medication storage and security for ASCs.

Reviews perioperative best practices and general recommendations for establishing, maintaining, and moving around a sterile field, as well as responding to potential contamination of one.

Career Coaching for AORN Members: Get help establishing your professional goals, making career choices, creating an academic roadmap, polishing interview techniques, and becoming skilled in marketing yourself.

Pediatric patients do not undergo procedures exclusively at pediatric specialty facilities. This article presents insights into the stages of pediatric cognitive and psychosocial development and special pediatric health care considerations. (2.2 CH)

AORN's Periop Today provides updates on news around the perioperative community.

AORN is honored to receive a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) award from the Denver Business Journal.

Navigating the credentialing maze can have its challenges, but neglecting this task can lead to severe consequences, including harm to patients. But don't worry, improving your credentialing program doesn't have to be overwhelming.

New law in Louisiana makes it the 12th state to go surgical smoke-free.

“Post boot camp, we noted a 30% increase in self-confidence and reduction of anxiety by 50% at the three-month mark.” So said a leader from the System Professional Practice Department at Inova Health System, which recently implemented initiatives to help new graduate nurses transition to practicing nurses.

Learn about the latest checklist tweaks that are bringing OR teams together for more consistent and effective safety checks. Find give tips to boost safety checklist use and team engagement.

Effective ways to refine your skin prep protocols. See why you should make skin prep a yearly competency to reduce SSIs.

ASCs: Learn how a strong governance program helps ASCs thrive in this fast-growing, complex environment.

AORN is stressing more nurse involvement with OR design, construction and day-to-day maintenance. Get up to speed with the latest standards and take your seat at the table.

Read Clinical Issues (1.5 CH) in the June 2023 AORN Journal and boost your knowledge with the latest topics.

Be better prepared to care for LGBTQ+ patients. Learn key terms for the LGBTQ+ population. Hear about health disparities among this population. Find strategies for providing culturally sensitive care.

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