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Learn about the many surgical firsts that occurred during the 19th century.

Salary survey numbers are in. Find out how your salary compares through AORN’s just updated salary calculator.

See what’s new in the 2024 updated Guideline for Safe Patient Handling & Movement (SPHM). Critical updates every periop RN needs to know to decrease patient and staff injuries.

How to Navigate Recruitment, Retention & Team Engagement: a panel of high-ranking periop RN execs recently talked about ideas to overcome staffing headaches in a recent AORN webinar.

Big Changes for Surgery Centers: CMS now covers more procedures, including total shoulder replacements, for Medicare patients at ASCs. Plus, discover urgent cybersecurity tips for 2024 — essential reading for all surgical leaders.

Learn how correct patient positioning and positioning devices can prevent intraoperative nerve injuries.

Just because you always have, doesn’t mean you should. Formalin fumes are dangerous to your health. There’s a better way! » Sponsored by Milestone Medical

The preceptor may perform many roles to support other nurses, but there are four primary roles that create successful preceptor relationships.

One nurse shares a time she found her confidence and her voice, in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation.

Want to create a work environment where people actually want to work, stay, and improve? In this week’s Periop Life entry, read about four ways to build a culture of belonging.

Newly updated code requires evacuation of surgical smoke at the source.

The purpose of the preference card is to act as a guide for the surgical case.

The ESU, the most widely used and cherished piece of surgical equipment, is far more complex than many of us realize.

Can you find all the clamp types?

In this week’s Periop Life blog, learn how to transform a “no” into a “yes” using three fearless tactics from entrepreneur Jia Jiang. He shares how to become rejection-proof, build courage, and add context to your requests.

Mobile apps may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are preparing for a case, but they have many benefits.

Research has proven that patients receive safer, more effective care when they are understood and feel a connection with their providers. Read about how to nurture relationships with Spanish-speaking patients (even if you don’t speak Spanish).

Learn about the essential steps to take and supplies needed to manage an airway emergency.

Margaret Vance, a Clinical Nurse Education Specialist in the OR, shares the time she cut the pump line without clamping it first.

For professionals in ambulatory surgery, AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2024 offers two distinct pathways. Read more about those pathways in this article.

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