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Periop Today is our bi-weekly digital newsletter comprised of perioperative news, announcements, guidelines, professional development opportunities, legislative guidance, and timely updates to our members. Periop Today also features a popular clinical question of the week, AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice implementation tools, and a variety of perioperative resources.

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New to the OR? Here are 3 tips to build practice skills and capitalize on unique professional growth opportunities happening now.

The recently revised Guideline for Hand Hygiene recommends that healthy, short, natural fingernails should be maintained.

Make sure your practices are current for eight updated guidelines that provide 70 new evidence-based practices for safe surgery in the 2023 edition of Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

Newly revised Guideline for the Prevention of Pressure Injury recommends assessing skin perfusion by using long-wave infrared thermography. Learn why.

OR leaders set the stage for success when they give preceptors and orienting nurses the tools to become their best.

This year’s Salary Survey results show staff nursing pay and on-call pay went up, however, dissatisfaction with pay, employer and culture is causing one third of surveyed nurses to consider leaving their jobs.

These daily practices are habit for perioperative nurses, but they are also based in evidence. Where does this evidence come from and how does it translate into safe patient care?

Use a standardized procedure to prevent retention of foam pieces used with negative-pressure wound therapy devices.

Fire incidents are on a steady rise in healthcare, increasing every year since 2018, according to The Joint Commission’s sentinel event summary data (PDF) —and their latest sentinel event report shows early 2022 numbers are on pace to continue the upward trend.

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