Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient


Pediatric Care Across the Perioperative Continuum

Care of a child in the perioperative environment is a complex process due to the vast differences in children as they progress through varying stages of development from neonatal through adolescence. This course provides an overview of the anatomical and physiological differences between children and adults and reviews the developmental stages that establish the basis for safe care. 

Learners will be able to use knowledge from this course to formulate an age-appropriate plan of care throughout the perioperative process. 

Meet Jordan from Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient Course

Jordan reviews the impactful role perioperative nurses have in caring for pediatric surgical patients. He also reviews the Care of the Pediatric Surgical Patient course learning objectives.

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Course Objectives:

  • Identify key components of the perioperative pediatric assessment.
  • Define age-specific elements of the physiological and psychosocial perioperative assessment. 
  • Explain age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate interventions to prevent potential complications.
  • Identify key components of the pediatric patient’s perioperative plan of care.
  • Identify age-appropriate and family-centered interventions to use during the perioperative phases.

Who Will Benefit from This Course?

  • Experienced nurses who are not yet knowledgeable with, or who want a refresher on, pediatric perioperative care.
  • Nurse and surgical team members who want to expand into the pediatric surgical specialty.
  • Perioperative educators who want to build their pediatric surgical specialty offerings.

Contact Hours

Upon completion of the course and course evaluation, learners will earn 2.0 contact hours.


This program is approved for up to 2.0 hours of AEUs and up to 0.0 hours of IPCHs by BASC Provider #0102.

Course Access

The learner has 6 months from the time of first course launch to access and complete the program and the course evaluation.

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