Preparing the Preceptor


Set Up Preceptors for Success 

This certificate-of-completion program is designed to prepare preceptors for their critical role in orienting new RNs to the surgical environment.

    Course Access

    Course seats are included with the facility purchase of Periop 101: A Core CurriculumTM

    The course may also be purchased individually from the AORN Store.

    Course Objectives

    The program participant will be prepared in the preceptor role to acclimate novice perioperative nurses to the unique perioperative environment. 
    1. Describe the characteristics of a perioperative preceptor, including the major roles. 
    2. Define the characteristics of the learner in the various perioperative settings. 
    3. Describe the precepting process specific to the level of the learner: student, graduate nurse, or established nurse. 
    4. Describe methods of feedback and evaluation and the learner’s transition to independent practice.

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      Contact Hours

      Learners will earn 1.25 contact hours upon completion of this course and the course evaluation. 

      Course Components Include:

      • Adult learning theories and generational learning behaviors
      • Specific preceptor processes related to the level of the learner (students, graduate nurses, or experienced nurses who are new to surgery)
      • Tangible tools for feedback, evaluation, and transition to practice
      • A variety of teaching and learning videos and exercises to communicate theory
      • Scenario-based case studies to promote the understanding and application of knowledge
      • Personalized prompts, such as "remember when you were in my shoes" and "making a moment" to promote trusting relationships between the preceptor and preceptee

      Tools Provided for the Preceptor

      • Reflection points to promote critical thinking
      • Tips for supporting and recognizing orientees
      • Preceptor Self-Assessment
      • Preceptor-to-preceptor hand-off tool
      • Preceptor Evaluation
      • Daily feedback tool
      • Guide to long-term success: links to support the preceptor with a focus on wellness, resiliency, and celebration