Safe Administration of Moderate Sedation


Maintain Patient Safety During Moderate Sedation

Strengthen your skills in the safe administration of moderate sedation, particularly under unique cases of special patient populations, such as the pediatric patient or the patient with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Learn how to titrate doses, how to recognize if a patient has slipped into an unintended level of sedation, and how to rescue the patient from a deeper level of sedation than intended.

AORN’s Safe Administration of Moderate Sedation is an in-depth online course that provides the level of education and training required to safely administer and monitor patients receiving moderate sedation. 


  1. Scope of practice and the role of the sedation nurse
  2. Patient selection and pre-procedure guidelines
  3. Physiological monitoring and airway management
  4. Medication administration and rescue
  5. Care of the pediatric patient
  6. Care of the older adult
  7. Post-procedure care and discharge


  1. Define the levels of sedation inclusive of general anesthesia
  2. List the medications most commonly administered during moderate sedation/analgesia
  3. Describe the appropriate nursing care in the pre-procedural, procedural, and post-procedural stages of care for patients who receive moderate sedation/analgesia
  4. Define the recommendations for establishing appropriate patient selection criteria for the safe administration of moderate sedation

Contact Hours

Participants receive 5.2 contact hours after completion of the course and evaluation.

Course Access

The learner will have four months in which to complete all seven modules.

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