ASC Academy: A Guide to Operational Management


Effective Surgery Center Operations

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) leaders are navigating various roles and responsibilities while leading teams in providing quality care in a highly regulated environment.

As part of AORN’s Leadership Guides Series, ASC Academy: A Guide to Operational Management provides an overview of the administrator role, human resources, patient rights and responsibilities, and medical records. The course then guides you through practical implementation with step-by-step instructions, customizable implementation tools, and compliance checklists. The course features dynamic content design which allows leaders to learn in a microlearning format. Learners will gain the knowledge and tools required to run effective surgery center operations. Learn when it’s convenient for you and at your own pace to accommodate your busy schedule.

Course Features

  • Introduction to Leadership and Administrator Role (Online Module)
  • Human Resources (Online Module)
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities and Medical Records Management (Online Module)
  • Step-by-step guide to the practical application of knowledge and video instructions on how to use the 30+ included resources:
    • Tools
    • Checklists
    • Templates
  • A Surveyor’s Insights: Presented by an experienced surveyor, these on-demand videos offer valuable insights into key areas of accreditation, including orientation and training, patient rights and responsibilities, and medical records management.
  • Download the Course Syllabus to view all course features, objectives for each element of the course, and the full list of included implementation tools.

Course Objectives

  1. Design, implement, and document a comprehensive orientation and training program.
  2. Create an effective medical record management program ensuring consistent content, storage, and protection of privacy.
  3. Develop a successful patient rights program that integrates patient rights and responsibilities into daily practice, including managing grievances.

Contact Hours

Upon completion of the course and course evaluation, students will earn 5.5 contact hours.


This program is approved for up to 5.5 hours of AEUs by BASC Provider #0102.

Course Access

The learner has 6 months from the time of first course launch to access and complete the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Guide to Operational Management includes 30+ customizable tools. Find the full list of what’s included in the Course Syllabus under “Implementation Tools.”

ASC administrators or leaders covering multiple roles in the ASC. The ASC Academy Leadership Guides Series was created in response to the overwhelming request for “short courses with plug and play tools for practical application of the information.” 

ASC leaders are wearing multiple hats and need resources to solve problems related to regulatory compliance, accreditation surveys, quality reporting and safety measures in an easy-to-understand, timesaving, manageable format with implementation tools.  

Yes, you will benefit from this course. This course provides a refresher on the relevant course material and includes customizable tools, templates, and video-based instructions to guide you through the process of orientation and training, patient rights and responsibilities, and medical records management. It gives you the how-to elements for practical application. 

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