Periop 101: A Core Curriculum

Increase Staff Engagement and Optimize OR Confidence Today

Periop 101: A Core Curriculum is used by over 2,500 hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers nationwide to recruit, educate, and retain perioperative nurses. This premier program builds staff confidence, and optimizes OR efficiencies. Periop 101 reduces turnover and lowers patient risk while giving your staff the education they need. Become an employer of choice with Periop 101.

An Evidence-Based Curriculum Developed and Led by Experienced Perioperative Nurses

Periop 101 is a comprehensive, blended educational program developed by AORN’s expert perioperative nurse-authors. Periop 101 is based on AORN's latest, evidence-based Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. There are currently over 12,000 Periop 101 graduates and counting. This program combines a standardized, evidence-based online curriculum and textbook readings with hands-on skills labs and a clinical practicum led by experienced perioperative nurses.

Comprehensive, Specialized Learning Plans for Your Novice Nurses

AORN recommends Periop 101 for novice perioperative nurses including new graduates, nurses transitioning into the operating from other nursing specialties, and other healthcare team members. There are three different learning plans to choose from: OR Nurse, OB RN Circulator, and Ambulatory Surgery Nurse.

Who Should Take Periop 101

Hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers offer this program for:

  • Novice perioperative nurses
  • Experienced nurses switching specialties
  • Nurses returning to work after an extended absence as a refresher course
  • Experienced nurses who never had any formal, didactic education to improve their patient assessment, decision-making, and clinical reasoning skills
  • Entire OR nursing staffs for educational consistency and to aid in prevention of potential risk issues

Hear from nurse educators how Periop 101 is improving their health care organization's clinical practice.

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OR RN Perioperative Assessment

OB RN Circulator Perioperative Assessment

Courses for Other Surgical Team Members

Many of the Periop 101 learning modules have applications for OB RN circulators, ambulatory surgery center nurses, physician assistants (PAs), residents, medical students, interns, advanced practice nurses (APNs), and other allied health professionals. To meet this need, AORN has created specialized Periop 101 courses specific to other surgical team members.

Need Help Making a Case to Management?

Use the Periop 101 brochure to educate your facility leaders on the benefits of the program.

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New Program Support 

Our popular implementation assistance program helps new Periop 101 customers get started with ease. Meet with a clinical education specialist to receive guidance on structuring the didactic and clinical components, and gain access to templates, assessment tools, and other resources. 

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