Why badging? Because you earned it.

You’ve improved your skills and completed your training. Now you can let people know about it.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges offer legitimate, visual recognition of your skills or accomplishments. AORN provides digital badging as a benefit for Periop 101 learners so you can share with colleagues – and current or potential employers – your achievement in graduating from this premier perioperative training course.

Claim Your Badge in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Complete the course
Once you’ve completed all the learning modules and passed the exam, you will receive an email inviting you to claim your badge.

Step 2: Claim your badge in Credly
Use the link provided in the invitation you received via email to set up a profile. After setting up your profile, you will be able to claim your badge.

Step 3: Be proud and share your accomplishment!
Share your badge on social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also add your badge to your email signature or personal website. Learn more about how to share your badge

Log in to Credly to accept your badge

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Periop 101 Badge

Still have questions on digital badging?

Watch this video from Credly.